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Travel to Provence

Given the wide range of travel options, our standard package prices do not include travel. The principle options are as follows:


Provence Wine Tour 42There are flights between Nice Cote d’Azur airport and London (Easyjet, British Airways), Belfast (Easyjet), Birmingham (Monarch), Bristol (Easyjet), Edinburgh (Easyjet), Liverpool (Easyjet), Manchester ( and Newcastle (Easyjet). Nice is about an hour from the Château de Saint-Martin.

There are flights between Toulon Hyères airport and London (CityJet) as well as Southampton (Flybe). Toulon airport is about an hour drive from the Château de Saint Martin.

Avignon airport is located 40 minutes from the Château de Mazan by taxi.

Alternatively you can also fly to Marseille from London (Easyjet, Ryanair, British Airways), Bristol (Easyjet), Edinburgh (Ryanair) Glasgow (Easyjet) and Manchester (Easyjet). Marseilles is is around an hour and a quarter’s drive from the Château de Mazan.

Grape Escapes is ATOL registered, number 10831 and we would be happy to book your flights at cost, however a booking fee of £25 per person applies.Eurotunnel- Travel


The journey time with Eurostar from London via Paris or Lille to Avignon is six hours. Between July and September, there is one direct train every Saturday from London. We would be happy to book your tickets for you at cost, however a booking fee of £10 per person applies

Hire a car

Due to the remote location of the hotels and the limited facilities nearby, we strongly recommend having access to a hire car during your trip. Please feel free to use our car hire engine for a competitive hire car quote.provence-wine-tour-5


The crossing from Folkestone to Calais takes around 35 minute and there are three departures an hour. Mazan and Saint Martin are around 9 ½ hours from Calais and we would be very pleased to arrange a stop en route for you.


The crossing from Dover to Calais takes about 90 minute crossing and there are over 25 departures a day.